With a broad view of the path to your destination, we use several unique processes to help guide you (based on your goals, circumstances and philosophy) at each point along your financial journey.

Accumulating Wealth for Retirement

Reaching the Retirement Summit with the ARC Process™

Climbing to the summit of a large mountain is one of life’s greatest achievements for experienced climbers. They know that the key to achieving their goal is planning and preparation. Like mountain climbing, retirement planning begins with the goal of reaching the summit. It means having a well-thought-out, well-funded retirement plan strategy.

Planning for Success

In climbing, focused planning means crafting a well thought-out route which takes into consideration the unique landscapes and challenges of the mountain. In retirement planning, it means building a plan that takes into consideration our personal goals and objectives. It may include strategies built around retirement savings, education savings, income protection, creditor protection, investment management, tax planning and more.

Achieving Retirement Clarity

For many people, the task of retirement planning may seem overwhelming and complex. This led us to create an easy-to-understand approach for “Achieving Retirement Clarity” called The ARC Process™. It involves performing a detailed cash flow analysis, which is then used to create a custom plan for achieving your retirement accumulation goals. The process also incorporates the necessary risk management tools designed to protect you from unexpected events that could obstruct your path and hinder you from successfully reaching your retirement summit.

Watch our video to learn how you can achieve clarity and peace of mind in building your retirement fund.


Optimizing Your Investments

We believe that an optimal investment strategy is imperative for any financial plan. History has proven that interest-generating investments such as cash and bonds have relative stability of principal. However, they provide little opportunity for real long-term growth due to their susceptibility to interest rates and inflation. On the other hand, equity investments have clearly enjoyed significantly higher expected returns historically, but are vulnerable to more severe volatility risk in the markets.

A Balanced Approach

To balance the need for safety and performance, we use several investment platforms to bridge the gap between traditional and alternative investment strategies. They allow us to identify and design the best investment strategy for your situation, as well as address questions such as: Am I taking too much or too little risk with my investments? Are my assets divided into different buckets to address different goals and different time horizons? Are my investments generating unnecessary taxes? Are my accounts being rebalanced so I stay within my risk parameters? How your personal portfolio is structured depends on a number of variables that we incorporate into your customized design. These include your current stage in the financial life cycle, risk tolerance and investment time horizons. In this way, we are able to manage your money with an equal emphasis on risk management and investment performance. It means having a well thought-out, well-funded retirement plan strategy.

Managing Wealth in Retirement

Reaching the Summit & Returning Safely with the RISK Process™

While climbing to the top of a mountain is considered to be a major achievement, the real goal of climbing is not simply to reach the top, but to reach the top and return safely.

The same can be said for retirement income planning. For years, people have focused on accumulating enough assets. However, the biggest risks facing retirees occur during the income distribution phase when we retire and begin to live on our retirement savings.

As we begin this second half of our journey, we are faced with unique and potentially devastating risks such as a volatile market, inflation, liquidity, longevity, health and survivor risks. Just like climbing a mountain, those who address these risks will be more likely to safely and successfully complete the journey.

We created the Retirement Income Survivor Kit or RISK Process™ to help clients plan their income in retirement while simultaneously addressing the key risks associated with income distribution. We look forward to walking you through the process.

Watch our video to learn how you can achieve clarity and peace of mind in building your retirement fund.

Transferring Wealth to the Next Generation

Two important aspects of financial planning involve managing risk and transferring wealth to the next generation. In many instances, the tax advantages of life insurance make it a preferred vehicle for purposes such as: providing income replacement for your family and business, passing family and business wealth to future generations, providing supplemental income for retirement, funding business strategies such as buy-sell agreements and deferred compensation programs, and charitable giving.

Making the Most of Your Insurance Portfolio

While many people may already own some type of insurance, few are aware that the polices they purchased as recently as five years ago might be unnecessarily costly or lacking new benefits due to the availability of a new generation of insurance products. That’s why we recommend regularly reviewing your personal and business insurance coverage. Whether you are evaluating existing coverage or are seeking new insurance, Broadview uses a unique five-step process called Life Assurance 360™ to assist in finding the policy that fits your current needs.


Here's How It Works

1. Fact Finding

In this step, we use our proprietary policy design questionnaire to educate you about your life insurance options while gathering information about your goals, preferences, and risk tolerance. Additionally, our one-page underwriting questionnaire helps paint a high-level picture of how your medical history may factor into the overall plan design.

2. Underwriting Advocacy™
3. Product Selection
4. Plan Delivery
5. Policy Management

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